Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I print out my journal tape?

How long should I save my journal tape?

When is the best time to do my day close?

I got a "Host totals not received" when I did my day close. What does that mean?

What is the difference between the host total and the terminal total?

When will my day-close amount settle back to my bank account?

When I do my cassette close, I keep getting negative numbers. What's happening?

What should I do if I have a debit to my ATM account?

What is a chargeback?

How do I make changes to settlement/surcharge accounts, surcharge fee, addresses, phone numbers, ownership, etc?

How do I handle customer problems with transactions?

What do I do when a customer uses my ATM and doesn't receive any money but thinks they got charged?

What Federal Banking Regulations Apply?