Triton Equipment

International Merchant Services, Inc. (IMS) brings you the latest in innovative and regulatory compliant machines with our complete line of Triton ATMs. Offering more than just good looks, they continue to be some of the most reliable and least expensive ATMs to operate.

With this reliability, you can focus more on your existing business and customers, instead of your ATM. In the unlikely event that you require service, count on our friendly and knowledgeable technical support to have you back up and running in no time at all.

To learn more about our Triton ATMs and how we can support your business needs, contact us.

Triton ARGO
Triton ARGO For over 30 years, Triton ATMs have set the standard in innovative cash-dispensing solutions. The newest ARGO line of ATMs is no exception. ARGO features an updated, next-generation design with added elements of security, larger screens, and easier-to-read keypads or touch screen options.

For the first time in industry history, models are now available in an eco-friendly, printer-less model, reducing each machine’s carbon footprint and resulting in cost savings over the life of the machine. The ARGO will also come fully ADA and PCI compliant and with EMV options.

For more detailed information regarding the Triton ARGO line, please contact your IMS Account Manager or VISIT US HERE.
Triton Traverse
Triton Traverse Proud to hold the reputation for having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, Triton offers products that help businesses survive in a competitive marketplace. The Triton Traverse is designed specifically for the retail market, with a silhouette that protects PIN security.

Like the ARGO, the Traverse is ADA and PCI compliant and has an EMV option. Even at the entry level, Triton has created best-in-class ATMs with the highest quality and value for your investment.

For questions, brochures or pricing regarding the Triton Traverse please contact your IMS Account Manager or contact.