ATM Maintenance

You know how it is - when a cardholder needs money, they need it now. If the ATM they are using is too slow or experiencing problems, they’ll find one that works –somewhere else. You need an ATM repair company you—and your customers—can rely on.

That’s why at International Merchant Services, Inc. (IMS) we offer the IMS Service Program. It guarantees dependability with an extended warranty for the lifetime of our processing agreement.

Why We’re a Leading ATM Repair Company

Not only do we repair the ATM if it breaks down, but we repair it quickly. Our ATM maintenance policy is that if a part is malfunctioning, we remove the part and replace it with one that we know is working correctly. We then send the malfunctioning part back to our corporate maintenance department to be either repaired or refurbished.

Each of our ATM machine service field engineers are thoroughly trained on the ATM. Their vehicles are stocked with parts so they can get your ATM repaired and back in service right away.

Periodically, our ATM machine service staff does preventative maintenance, which includes: software upgrades that insure your ATM is in top-notch working condition. That way, we can spot problems before they happen and your machine can stay up and running.

IMS Service Program

When you're making money, we're making money.

Let us provide a worry-free maintenance program for you

It includes all of the following:

  • Parts, labor, and supplies
  • Free software upgrades
  • 24 Hour electronic monitoring
  • Locally inventoried parts
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance
  • Trained service technicians
  • Rapid response time
  • Free monthly statements
  • Free network access
  • Free online access

Our technicians solve the vast majority of all service calls over the phone. If an ATM needs on-site service, in most cases we have already identified the machine’s problem before we arrive. Then, with parts on hand, we repair it right on the first visit.

IMS Service Benefits

At IMS, service is a top priority. We provide fast response time to every maintenance problem. Unlike other providers who usually take multiple service calls for the same problem, we fix your ATM on the first visit. We deliver more.

What our competition says Our response
The machine is brand new... But who will provide the maintenance and service as the machine gets old?
It comes with a 1-year warranty... Why is the warranty for parts only?
It won't break down... It’s a machine. And machines break down.
An extended warranty is available... Yes, but at what cost? What does it cover? And who does the repairs?

The bottom line is: we’re not just about the sale. We provide all the services needed to keep you up and running long after your purchase. After all, it’s in our best interest to do so. IMSs ATM's are well maintained, so your customers can depend on them and use them regularly—that way we all profit.

When customers depend on your store’s ATM regularly, a disruption in service can quickly translate to lost customers and lost sales.

The loss of just one ATM customer per day can equal $4,380 each year in lost sales. Not to mention the loss of surcharge revenue and customer satisfaction. Multiply these losses over 5 years and you’ll see just how important a quality service program really is.

When you're making money, we're making money.

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