Cash Management

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A Cash Management System for the Real World

There's no question that when a store owner opts for the "do it yourself" method of cash loading an ATM, it increases both profitability and dependability.

Banks require very high-volume locations to support an ATM. If the location does not meet those high-volume needs, the bank is forced to remove the ATM, or charge a high ATM space rental fee. With this type of cash management system bureaucracy, the ATM service, the cardholder, and, ultimately, the location sales suffer.

To ensure both profitability and dependability in high-volume locations, International Merchant Services, Inc. (IMS) provides many alternatives to meet your needs. These cash management services include: free placements where the store owner loads the cash, and free placements where IMS provides complete turnkey cash-loading services.

Self Loading

It is always more profitable for merchants to load cash into their own ATM. But it wasn’t always an option. In the past, most machines were more particular about the actual cash they would accept, and would require only “fit” money (no wrinkles or creases). With new, fresh bills being more accessible in major metropolitan areas near Federal Reserves, many small town banks in rural America were not able to offer customers ATMs.

Self Loading Benefits
Cash Loading at the Touch of a Button

ONE denomination in any condition.

ONE place for the money to go.

ONE-button simplicity tracks the money.

Our ATMs are designed for easy and secure self-loading of bills found in general circulation. Most merchants load only as much cash as needed to meet customer demand. They treat the cash cassette as they would their cash register drawer. They simply add enough bills to bring the cassette back up to a predetermined amount. The ATM automatically removes any bills that are stuck together or too damaged to be dispensed, and places them in a reject box. This feature has eliminated currency jamming and the need for “fresh, fit bills.”

For example: A merchant loads the ATMs cash drawer (cash cassette) with $1,000. The next day he finds that $700 in cash was dispensed to his customers. He then loads 35 twenty-dollar bills to start the day with $1,000 again.

Earn 144% Interest Annually

$1,000.00 earns 144% interest

300 ATM customers will generate $360.00 in surcharge income.

Lease expense is $210.00 per month and telephone expense is $30.00 per month for a total of $240.00 per month.

The difference between $360 and $240, of course, is $120. Multiply that times 12 months and you get $1440 a year!


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Turnkey Loading
Turnkey Cash Loading Services

This service is provided primarily for ATMs located in high volume locations. We manage cash rental, monitoring, replenishment, insurance, and armored car services. Instead of inflating the cost of each of these services, we pass the actual cost directly through to the ATM owner.

Cash Rental

We maintain banking contracts for renting the large sums of money necessary for the cash loading of ATM's across the United States. We are currently paying New York Prime plus 2. Our lead bank is a multi-billion dollar National bank that has given us an unlimited supply of funds for cash loading ATM's.

Cash Monitoring

IMS maintains a staff of personnel that tracks daily the status of each ATM to ensure that it has adequate cash. We make sure the ATM does not run out of cash, while keeping the amount of cash loaded to a minimum. We plan for special events, the time of year and growth factors.

Cash Replenishment

We do not 'swap' cassettes or do cash 'adds'. We dispatch an armored courier with a predetermined amount of cash, who 'swaps' with the amount of cash that is in the ATM at that time. That courier will then run a cassette close and a day close on the machine, which tells the ATM how much cash is now present. Finally, he returns the audited cash taken from the machine to the bank for credit.

Armored Car Services

These services are available nationwide, and costs vary depending on geographical area and distance from the loading center. We handle dispatch for both normal and emergency loads. In addition, we coordinate vendor escorts, in case the ATM goes down and needs repairs. Only the armored car companies and their guards have the combination to the ATM.

Cash Insurance

IMS also provides insurance coverage on the equipment, the location owner and the cash. Each ATM may be insured for theft and all-risk physical damage. We can also provide general liability coverage for the ATM ownership for up to $10,000,000.00 per occurrence. In addition, provided we are handling the Cash Management, we offer cash insurance for up to $40,000.00 per ATM.