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Through our Customer Care Center the Merchant can monitor...
Cash Balance

Get an instant view of all your ATMs. See the last transaction, what the surcharge was, and the remaining balance of each machine.

Daily Summary

Monitor daily activity with detailed reports that summarize the previous business day’s activity and reflects accurately what will be settled back into the ATM account on the following business day.

Low Activity

Determine which terminals are not performing at expected levels. Check error status and compare daily, weekly, and monthly averages.


Get a complete view of your ATMs performance, by group or by machine, in a detailed and sort-able list.

Real-Time Transactions

View up-to-the-minute transaction data to help you make accurate business decisions.

Residual Statements

Pull past reports with this easy-to-use Document Retrieval web service. Search by using a variety of parameters—by date, by location, or by specific report type.

Terminal Status

See which error messages are currently being received through the Status messaging system.

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