GenMega Equipment

Flexibility and customization are the hallmark of GenMega ATM equipment. At International Merchant Services, Inc. we understand how important these two factors can be in choosing the right ATM. Contact us now to discuss the options available for getting your business on the right track to providing convenient cash access to your customers, and more profit to you.

Onyx Series
Onyx Series The Onyx Series has an updated look and impressive feature set. No matter the location, the Onyx ATM will stand out, look financial, and encourage transactions.

The Onyx has a prominent 10.2”, or an optional 12”, touch screen as well as enhanced security features and a strong, tough exterior cabinet. Genmega CDUs are supported, but so are other manufacturers, giving the ability to tailor a solution to your location’s specific needs.

Need more information on the Onyx Series ATM? Contact your IMS Account Manager or CLICK HERE.
GenMega G2500 Genmega introduces the G2500 series ATM. Designed for retail and off-premises locations, the G2500 comes loaded with all the features you expect, and also provides additional hardware configuration choices allowing you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customer or location.

All new Genmega G2500s will be ADA and PCI compliant and will have an EMV option available.

For details, specifications and pricing regarding the Genmega G2500 please contact your IMS Account Manager or CLICK HERE.