Grocery Stores

An ATM Solution for Your Grocery Store

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Important facts to consider when setting up an ATM solution at a grocery store

In the more than 18 years that International Merchant Services, Inc. (IMS) has been providing ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Solutions across the United States we have observed several benefits to having an ATM in the store:

First:  Speeds up customer checkout with cash in hand.

Second:  Having an ATM system provides your customer access to cash while still limiting the amount of cash back at the register.

Third:  Our automatic money machine processing delivers more approved transactions and results in more cash dispensed.

Finally, your customers can use the ATM to still have access to their cash when the POS system is down.

Value of Choosing IMS as your ATM Solution

We combine our automatic money machine dependability and efficiency with over a decade of experience in the Grocery Store Industry. When a grocery store owner chooses IMS for ATM services, our business relationship is just beginning. Each owner is assigned an Account Manager who specializes in Cash Access profitability and has significant experience in the industry. We then take the time to listen to your business goals and objectives so we can work with you to prepare an ATM solution. Then we periodically call our clients to see how they are doing and discuss if we need to make adjustments to the ATM solution. IMS reaches out to you proactively!